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Name of Object:

The conquest of Sidon by Austrian troops, September 27th, 1840


Vienna, Austria

Holding Institution:

Austrian Military Museum / Institute of Military History

 About Austrian Military Museum / Institute of Military History, Vienna

Date of Object:

1902 (Signed and dated: "Josef Schönbrunner 1902" | "nach L. Ruß")


Josef Schönbrunner (1831-1905)

Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


110 x 150 cm


During the oriental crisis of 1840, as the result of the conflict in the eastern Mediterranean between Egypt and the Ottoman Empire, a mixed squadron of British, Turkish and Austrian ships under the command of the British Admiral Sir Charles John Napier (1786–1860), bombarded the city of Sidon on September 26th. The next day, allied Austrian and British troops landed and conquered Sidon. Josef Schönbrunner, an Austrian illustrator and restorer, alumnus of the Viennese Academy of fine arts, duplicated the original by Leander Russ (1809–1864) in a very dignified way.

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